Wedding Planning Guide

Free Wedding Reception Planning Guide

Please click on the image below to download your Wedding Reception Planner. This guide will help you to plan your wedding ceremony and reception from your ‘Grand Entrance’ to the room, through your speeches and on into the party phase of your celebration.

Wedding Reception Planner

Wedding Reception Planner

This guide will prompt you to consider details you may not have thought about when planning your wedding ceremony and reception. It was originally developed to help couples gather the information that DJ Richard required in order to provide them with the best prepared, most personalised and stress-free wedding day possible and it has proven to be a huge help to hundreds (possibly thousands) of couples, as well as other wedding event professionals.

Feel free to use this plan as a guide to assist your entertainer and Master of Ceremonies (MC), but please note that it is subject to international copyright to DJ Richard, Award Entertainment Ltd and is not for duplication and use in part or in whole by other wedding service providers without written permission.

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